#42 - 1 Minute Media - The #Antipreneur Show

September 30, 2020 Dan Bennett: Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Storyteller Season 3 Episode 8
#42 - 1 Minute Media - The #Antipreneur Show
Show Notes

In This Video I break down 1 Minute Media for everyone.

For those who don't know "1 Minute Media" is a combination of coursework and membership that empowers individuals and business owners to create great video content on their own with something as simple as a smartphone.

I talk about the origin, where 1 Minute Media currently is and the future of the product as well.
0:00 Intro
1:05 1 Minute Media Origins
2:10 Dennis Yu Challenge
3:53 Next Step in 1 Minute Media
4:19 Karyl Eckerle - 1 Minute Media Alumni
6:09 Not Trying To Turn You Into A Videographer
7:17 Getting Into An Office To Develop 1MM
7:55 Covid-19 And The Pivot
9:50 1 Minute Media Digital Is Born
14:15 Benefits of The Private Membership Group
16:00 The Future Of 1 Minute Media
17:30 Education and Help
18:38 Medicine In The Cheese
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