#33 - Learn from your mistakes

July 29, 2020 Dan Bennett: Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Storyteller
#33 - Learn from your mistakes
Show Notes

Today on The #Antipreneur Show we beg that you LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES!

Dan kicks off the show talking about the FEAR of making mistakes, which goes back to our previous episode STOP NOT STARTING. It’s always worth at least trying, and if something goes wrong, you learn from it.

Jono then points out that mistakes are pointless if you don’t grow from them. Learning how to accept the blame, learn, and move on makes you a stronger person.

Dan goes into a metaphor about delicious chocolate chip cookies and baking with his grandmother. They’re delicious because thought goes into them. 

Jono jumps in to tell a ridiculous story about meeting Martha Stewart that involves chocolate chip cookies. Then he jumps into the importance of shaping your identity around being able to grow as a person and constantly evolve.

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