#28 - Kill Your Darlings

June 24, 2020 Dan Bennett: Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Storyteller Season 2 Episode 11
#28 - Kill Your Darlings
Show Notes

On this episode of The #Antipreneur Show, Dan and Jono want you to KILL YOUR DARLINGS!

The phrases “Kill Your Darlings” originates in the writing space, explaining the concept of getting rid of unnecessary storylines, characters and sentences. It also applies into business.

First, Jono quotes the almighty DAVE GROHL when he said, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.” And explains how eliminating fluff in your messaging just leaves great content.

Next, Dan speaks on what’s better for the end user. Remember, you are NOT your client and you need to be servicing them based on what they want.

Then Jono talks about the problem with holding onto things and concepts out of principle. Sure, you may have come up with a great idea, but does it serve the bigger picture of your project? Remember, if you don’t use it this time you can always use it later!

Finally, Dan and Jono talk about the power of editing. How no one wants to see the 10 hours of raw files, but rather focus on the finished, concise product. They made a Lord Of The Rings extended cut… Do we really need more walking on mountains? 

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