#27 - Call To Action (CTA)

June 17, 2020 Dan Bennett: Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Storyteller Season 2 Episode 10
#27 - Call To Action (CTA)
Show Notes

On this episode of The #Antipreneur Show, Dan and Jono talk about the importance of a CALL TO ACTION (or CTA) in business.

We want to help you as a business seal the deal and not leave things open-ended. Too many of us play the assumption game and end up losing in the end. Not anymore.

  1. First we talk about how it’s important to treat your customers and clients like toddlers. This involves hand-holding and making sure there’s no room confusion or distraction.

  1. Next we walk you through the language used to capitalize on your momentum. “What’s next?” “Ready to do this?” 

  1. Then we remind you to NOT LEAVE THE MONEY ON THE TABLE! Your meeting, whether it’s via a phone call, email, or in real life, is adding value if you’re good at your job. Don’t end it early. Make sure you remember why you’re there and leave with the money!

  1. Finally, we used examples from retail, the service industry and IRL (In Real Life) moments to help you transition from your sale to sealing the deal. Most people are ready to buy or invest, but they just want the invitation.

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